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What to study? Which career do I want to pursue?

These questions are preying on the minds of many young students at school. And often finding an answer is not easy. It takes time and incentive to figure out one’s interests and dreams. There is a variety of different jobs, apprenticeships and university degrees, each offering opportunities and chances. A valued decision can only be made knowing the following:

  • Which operational activities and contents go with specific occupations
  • The specific knowledge and skills that are required
  • Which degree will lead to this occupation
  • And: which strengths and skills do I personally bring to the table

How does this work? Gathering information, talking to people, and personal experience. Ultimately, the most important question and the one everyone has to answer for themselves is: Does this suit me? You are inventive, creative and you want to actively help shape the world? You want to find out more about what it means to be an engineer or scientist? You will find suitable programmes here.

You have questions? Please contact Constanze Schultze, Tel: 030 314 29137

Programme Dates for Young Talents 2018:

(reservations on a list of prospective participants are possible by contacting Constanze Schultze)


Courses on choosing a discipline for Boys and Girls:

TTO Boarding from March 26 - 31, 2018

TTO Networking from May 24 - 27, 2018

TTO Boarding from October 8 - 13, 2018

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