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„Tackle Ideas – Make it Happen“: Networking Day of Femtec Alumnae and Femtec

Tomorrow is the day of days: Femtec alumnae, Femtec students and representatives of our business partners will meet for getting to know each other, for meeting again, for exchanging and for networking – true to the motto “Tackle Ideas! Make it Happen”, which the Alumnae Club has launched for 2015. This is also the key note for the panel discussion with a scientist, a practitioner and a Femtec alumna discussing the implementation of ideas.

Prof. Dr. Martina Schraudner is manager of the department “Gender and Diversity in Organizations” at the Institute of Machine Tools and Factory Management of TU Berlin and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and therefore adept at converging diversity concepts into reality. As founder of the organization “Berliner Tafel” (“Berlin Table”), Sabine Werth launched the breakthrough of another pioneering idea: the transformation of food remains into food donations, also being active in the worldwide active women’s network Zonta. The third participant is Femtec alumna Milena Quittnat, who can refer about realizing (scientific) ideas at the Swiss research institute CERN, where she is currently working at her dissertation.

At the Networking Day, students and alumnae have the opportunity to cultivate contacts.

Photo: Femtec/Jacek Ruta 2014

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